1. Akron
  2. Albany
  3. Albuquerque
  4. Amarillo
  5. Anaheim
  6. Arlington
  7. Arvada
  8. Atlanta
  9. Aurora
  10. Austin
  11. Austin
  12. Bakersfield
  13. Baltimore
  14. Baton Rouge
  15. Billings
  16. Bloomington
  17. Boise
  18. Boston
  19. Boulder
  20. Bozeman
  21. Broken Arrow
  22. Brooklyn
  23. Buffalo
  24. Casper
  25. Cedar Rapids
  26. Charleston
  27. Charlotte
  28. Chicago
  29. Cincinnati
  30. Cleveland
  31. Colorado Springs
  32. Columbia
  33. Columbus
  34. Conway
  35. Corpus Christi
  36. Dallas
  37. Davenport
  38. Dayton
  39. Denver
  40. Des Moines
  41. Detroit
  42. Edmond
  43. El Paso
  44. Evansville
  45. Fayetteville
  46. Flint
  47. Fort Collins
  48. Fort Lauderdale
  49. Fort Smith
  50. Fort Wayne
  51. Fort Worth
  52. Fresno
  53. Grand Rapids
  54. Great Falls
  55. Hampton Roads
  56. Hartford
  57. Honolulu
  58. Hot Springs
  59. Houston
  60. Indianapolis
  61. Jacksonville
  62. Joliet
  63. Jonesboro
  64. Kansas City
  65. Knoxville
  66. Lafayette
  67. Lakewood
  68. Las Vegas
  69. Lawrence
  70. Lawton
  71. Lee's Summit
  72. Lexington
  73. Liberty
  74. Lincoln
  75. Little Rock
  76. Long Beach
  77. Long Island
  78. Los Angeles
  79. Louisville
  80. Lubbock
  81. Madison
  82. Manhattan
  83. Memphis
  84. Mesa
  85. Miami
  86. Milwaukee
  87. Minneapolis
  88. Missoula
  89. Naperville
  90. Nashville
  91. New Orleans
  92. New York
  93. Norman
  94. North Jersey
  95. North Little Rock
  96. Oakland
  97. Oklahoma City
  98. Olathe
  99. Omaha
  100. Orlando
  101. Overland Park
  102. Owensboro
  103. Parkville
  104. Peoria
  105. Philadelphia
  106. Phoenix
  107. Pine Bluff
  108. Pittsburgh
  109. Portland
  110. Providence
  111. Pueblo
  112. Queens
  113. Raleigh
  114. Raleigh / Durham
  115. Richmond
  116. Riverside
  117. Rochester
  118. Rockford
  119. Rogers
  120. Sacramento
  121. Saint Joseph
  122. Saint Louis
  123. Salem
  124. Salina
  125. San Antonio
  126. San Diego
  127. San Francisco
  128. San Jose
  129. Santa Ana
  130. Santa Cruz
  131. Scottsdale
  132. Seattle
  133. Shreveport
  134. Sioux City
  135. Spokane
  136. Springdale
  137. Springfield
  138. Syracuse
  139. Tallahassee
  140. Tampa
  141. Test City Only
  142. Texarkana
  143. Toledo
  144. Topeka
  145. Tucson
  146. Tulsa
  147. Tyler
  148. Virginia Beach
  149. Washington
  150. Wichita


What is CharitableCoupons.com™?

CharitableCoupons™ is the premiere, local website destination to save on deals from top merchants in your city.  We bring you unbelievable savings from restaurants, entertainment, attractions, spas, boutiques, service providers and more. Typically we offer you savings of 50% to 80% off standard prices. With each and every purchase a donation is made to the participating school, church, charity or organization of your choice.   You get incredible deals while giving back to the community.  

How much money is donated back to local organizations (schools, churches, charities, causes, etc.) from each deal?

The donation amount varies depending on the merchant and the offering.  We will always show you the exact amount that will be donated from each purchase before you make a purchase and you are the one who gets to decide which participating organization receives a donation from your purchase.  Our goal is to make the donation significant (alaways a minimum of 30% of proceeds after paying the merchant across all deals) and we will always work to obtain the highest donation amount possible. 

What type of organizations receives donations from each purchase?

There are many different types of organizations that will receive donations back from each sale.  Some examples are:  Schools, Churches, Charities, Causes, Boy Scout Troops, Youth Sports Teams & Clubs, and more. In general, to participate charities and organizations must be authorized 501(c)3-5 and 7-9.

What role do I play in deciding which organization gets the donation from my purchase?

Every time you purchase a discounted deal you choose from our list of participating organizations to receive a donation based on your purchase.  You may want to choose your school or church most of the time and then if you have a child, cousin, nephew or friend in Boy Scouts and they are trying to do a fundraiser for the next month you may choose their Boy Scout Troop for that particular month.  It’s up to you each and every time you make a purchase.   

Why are you taking some of your revenue and giving it back as donations?

Because we want to help the communities that support us all.  We want to become the premier discounted deal website in the U.S. and we believe in giving back to the community and setting an example for other corporations.   In this economic climate charitable donations are in decline.  Donations back to the community are taking a severe hit and we believe this is something we can do to help ease the pain.  Local Merchants get great exposure, you get great discounts and you decide which participating organization receives a donation.  Everyone benefits. 

How does an organization join the website to receive donations? 

Each organization must complete a short application form for us to review.  If you are a school, church, Boy Scout Troop, charity, kid's sport team then it is typically a quick , easy process.  We reserve the right to accept or deny any organization.  This website is a family friendly site and we cater to an audience of people who want great deals and who care about supporting their community and giving back.   Organizations can click here to sign up.   Or call 888-281-(GIVE) 4483

Do I have to sign anyone else up to get the deal?

No.  You do not have to sign anyone up to get these great deals.  When you see how great the deals are and knowing that each deal gives back to your local community then you will probably want to share this with your friends, family, church members or others in your school and community.  Keep in mind if enough people do not sign up for the discounted offering to reach the meet the minimum requirements set by the merchant, then no one gets it. 

How do I get notified about new deals?

You can sign up to be automatically notified by email for each new and all future deals at CharitableCoupons.com™  Simply choose the city that you want deal alert notifications for and enter your email address.  You can unsubscribe anytime you want and you can sign up for multiple cities. 

I like today's deal - how do I get it?

You must be registered first before you can buy.  After you register you will be sent a confirmation email with a link that you must click to confirm your registration.  Be sure to check your junk/spam folder for this email and please be sure to add us to your safe sender's email list.  Once registered, simply click "BUY NOW" before the offer expires. When the minimum number of purchases has been reached for the deal  we will charge your card and email you a voucher. If the minimum number of purchases is not reached then no one gets the deal and we will not charge your credit card.  If you really want the deal be sure to invite your friends and family to make sure the minimum number is reached.

I am having trouble buying the coupon

You must be registered first before you can buy.  After you register you will be sent a confirmation email with a link that you must click to confirm your registration.  Be sure to check your junk/spam folder for this email and please be sure to add us to your safe sender's email list.  If you have already registered and are still having trouble buying the coupon then please close your Internet browser completely then re-open your browser and try again.  If this does not work then shut down your computer, restart it and try again.  This almost always works.

What happens if the minimum number of purchasers required for a deal is not reached?

If this happens the deal is canceled and your credit card will not be charged.

Do I need to use my Voucher the same day I buy it?

No you do not have to use it on the date of purchase.  Most of the vouchers will have an expiration date so please be sure to use your voucher before any expiration date.  All expiration dates will be listed and displayed for each deal before you ever make a purchase and we always make sure there is ample time to use each voucher.  Most of our vouchers are valid for up to one full year so you will have plenty of time to redeem them.

I bought today’s deal – Now what?  How do I use my voucher?

You can access all of your purchased coupons from our website after you login.  Just login and click on the "my
stuff" link and then click on the tab "my CharitableCoupons.com" and you can see, access and print all of your coupons.

Also within 24 hours of purchasing your voucher, you will receive an email with your printable voucher. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder and be sure to add us to your safe sender's email list.  Take the printed voucher with you to the merchant and present it at the time of purchase.  It is that easy.

I see 2 charges on my credit card.  What is that?

If you look at your bank account online and see what appear to be two charges for your purchase, you are likely seeing two things: The "actual charge" for the coupon, and the "authorization to charge" for the coupon, which will be removed from your account in a few business days.

How charges and credits work:

When you purchase a coupon, your bank first places an "authorization" for the full list price of the coupon. The "authorization" confirms that you have the credit line, or funds available if using a debit card, to make the purchase.

Following the successful completion of the purchase after the "charge" is processed, the "authorization" is removed from your account leaving only the one line item for your purchase.

Can I buy a deal as a gift?

Yes.  In most circumstances each voucher can be bought as a gift for someone else unless the offering specifically states otherwise.  Make someone happy today and give back to your community at the same time.

Do I have to use the full value of the voucher in one visit, or can I use the remainder later?

Yes, you need to use the full value in one visit, unless the voucher specifically says otherwise. Have your friends or family tag along.  Be a hero for the night.

Can I combine my voucher with other offers?

In almost every case – No, unless the voucher states otherwise. 

Am I billed as soon as I order a CharitableCoupons.com™ voucher?

No, you are only charged if the deal reaches the required minimum number of participants.

Is CharitableCoupons.com™ safe?

Your credit card number is transmitted securely using SSL, and we will not store your credit card information on our servers.  We use PayPal to process our transactions. 

Click here for information about PayPal's security

Can I return a CharitableCoupons.com™ voucher?

You can change or cancel your purchase prior to midnight on the day the deal is featured.  If you would like to request a return, please email (returns @ charitablecoupons.com) 

What happens if my Voucher expires?

Once a Voucher reaches its expiration date, the promotional value is lost however you may still redeem it at the price you paid for the length of time stated by gift certificate laws in your state.

What if the business for my Voucher closes and goes out of business?

If the business closes and your voucher has not been redeemed, we will refund your money.

How can I get my business featured on CharitableCoupons.com™?

Go to the “For Merchants” page for more information.  Click here to view merchant videos & testimonials

Can I refer as many people as I want?

Yes! Click here to follow CharitableCoupons™ on Facebook

When will CharitableCoupons™ be in my city?

CharitableCoupons.com™ is growing very quickly. If you would like CharitableCoupons.com™ in your city, please contact us

CharitableCoupons was featured on KMBC News - Click here to view

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Where is CharitableCoupons.com™ headquarters?

CharitableCoupons.com™ is headquartered in the Kansas City market.  We are rapidly expanding in cities across the U.S.

1801 NE Independence Ave
Lee’s Summit, MO
Phone: 888-281-GIVE (4483) Fax: (866) 323-5057
Web Site: www.CharitableCoupons.com

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